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Ways to gain weight!

Scale001Whatever ways you follow to raise your weight, it can be achieved merely by food. Hence, following the steps will help to increase your weight.

Peanut butter: Taking peanut butter with whole wheat bread as breakfast in the morning helps in gaining 192 calories weight.

Egg: As we know, egg contains more protein, taking one or two eggs per day gives protein, vitamin D, E and good cholesterol and gaining weight.

Butter: Taking butter daily increases the risk of heart problems. Hence it will instantly help in gaining weight, but increases the heart problems. Hence it should not be taken daily.

Juice: Daily a juice not only increases the weight but also gives nutrition to the body.

Wheat: Cereals contain high calorific value that too in wheat. Hence wheat bran is good for health.

Oats: Oats is a healthy breakfast item. It is a nutritional food. Iron content is high maintains the blood flow and hence increase the weight.

Curd: Curd contains 18 calories. Hence taking curd increases the body weight.

Banana: Apart from carbohydrates, essential nutrients, banana contains nearly 100 calories. Hence to gain weight, banana should be taken.

Potato: Body weight increases rapidly by the intake of potato. It contains carbohydrates and complex sugar.

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