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Steps to get rid of the fats accumulated in your stomach

How-to-Lose-Belly-Fat-the-Scientific-WayElders as well as the youngsters are trying hard to reduce their weight especially their belly size.  People consider this as a big defect.  If you are one of those people, then, please read and follow these simple steps to reduce your belly size.

The right food in the correct way:

Eating the right food in the right method will surely reduce the fat by 80 %.  Healthy and nutritious food paves way to a healthy life. The necessary level of micro and macro nutrients helps in reducing the fat content of the body.  Snack items, fast food items, food bought from the shops must be avoided in order to get flat belly instead of a pot belly.  Vegetables, fruits, boiled veggies should be included in the diet.


Those who do not have the clear idea of thirst and hunger, take an enormous amount of sugar or fat in the food and hence, unknowingly increase their weight.  This is absolutely wrong.  It is good to keep a water bottle with us always. One must have at least 6 – 8 glasses of water per day.  Drinking water depends upon the weight of the body and lifestyle of the individual.  Accordingly one should drink water.


The result provided by long duration of work and long distance running can be compensated by short hard work which rapidly dissolves the fat.  For example when you practice in tread mill, increase the speed for a short duration, practice and then slow down to the original speed, practice a while. By doing like this, tremendous result will be obtained.

Avoid sugar:

Generally the sugar manufactured in factories is not good for health.  Hence this sugar should be avoided or reduced.  Instead of sugar we can take palm sugar, honey, jaggery etc.,

Reduce sodium level:

Instead of sodium we are getting potassium salt, lemon salt and rock salt.  We can buy and use these salts.  Similarly we can have pepper and other spice items to reduce sodium salt.

Vitamin C rich foods:

Vitamin C is very helpful in secreting an enzyme called Carnitine, which helps in converting the fats into energy.  Moreover, Vitamin C suppresses the secretion of Cortisol which is an output of depression. This secretion increases the fat content in the abdomen.

Fat dissolving Indian food items:

Fat can be easily dissolved by many natural ways.  Ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, pepper, cinnamon, mustard and clove helps in dissolving the fat. Daily taking a paste of Clove, ginger and garlic in the morning helps in dissolving the fat accumulated in stomach.

Honey with lemon juice mixed in warm water taken in empty stomach helps in weight loss.  Taking good cholesterol and avoiding bad cholesterol paves way to a healthy life.  Good cholesterol is found in butter, olive, fruits and coconut.

Don’t avoid breakfast!

It is a myth that avoiding the breakfast reduces the weight.  But the fact is that it increases the abdominal fat.  Hence the content of the food should be reduced and the timings should be increased. Fruits, dried fruits, greens can be taken in the food.

Good sleep:

Sleeplessness affects the metabolic activities and thus increases the abdominal fat.  One must have at least 6 to 8 hours sleep a day.

Following the above said procedure not only reduces your pot belly but also reduces your entire weight.  Try and feel the difference.


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