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Uses of drinking water in the empty stomach

WaterWater is an elixir of our lives.  It is an excellent drink.  Water not only quenches the thirst but also solves various problems of our body.  Moreover drinking water everyday early in the morning, helps our body in relieving from various diseases.  As we know, most of the diseases start from the stomach.  So, keeping the stomach clear, avoids most of the diseases.  Water gives a great helping hand in cleaning the stomach.

The practice of drinking water in the empty stomach comes all the way from Japan.  The Japanese, everyday, early in the morning, after washing their face drink 4 glasses of water even without brushing.  They eat nothing for 1 hour. This is called as water therapy.  Because of this reason, Japanese are healthy and brisk.  Some of the uses of drinking water in the empty stomach are listed below.

Cleans the stomach:

The predominant use of drinking water in the empty stomach is that it cleans the stomach.  Within a few minutes, it excretes the wastes.  Likewise regularly excreting the waste from the body helps us to lead a healthy life.

Excretes toxins from the body:

Water removes the toxins found in the nook and corner of the body in the form of urine.  Hence the body becomes toxin free.

Stimulates appetite:

Drinking water in the empty stomach excretes the wastes and toxins from the body and hence helps in stimulating appetite.

Prevents headache:

Most of us suffer from headache due to the insufficiency of water content in the body.  Such individuals should drink water in the empty stomach to increase the water level of the body which reduces headache.

Prevents ulcer:

Those who do not take breakfast can have water in the empty stomach which prevents ulcer.

Increases metabolism:

Drinking luke warm water daily in the morning, increases the metabolic rate to 24% more than the normal rate.  Hence the food we eat digests rapidly.

Production of red blood cells:

The production of red blood cells increases because of drinking water in the empty stomach.  Hence the conduction of oxygen is more and body becomes energized.

Reduction of weight:

Those who desire to reduce their body weight can have plenty of water in the empty stomach which removes the toxins, increases the metabolic rate and excretes the fat helping in weight loss.

Gives glowing skin:

If the stomach is not clean, it reflects on the face, producing pimples.  The skin loses its glow because of pimples.  Drinking water in the empty stomach helps in regulating the digestive activities thus giving a glowing skin.

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