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Causes and Remedies to prevent baldness

baldnessNowadays, Baldness is a very big issue amongst youngsters. It is like the changes that takes place in human life, as the time progresses.

As youngsters these days are very much concerned about their physical appearance, they search for the causes and remedies to treat baldness. A skin specialist gives a great helping hand to solve this problem.
Male gets bald head due to a hormone called testosterone. The anti-catalytic activity of this hormone for the genetic material plays a major role in determining the hair loss. If you have a family history of baldness, your chances of getting bald head is maximum.

During Adolescence, the male hormones start to work actively. From the genetic codons, testosterone hormones determine the nature of the hair. Hair falling starts at adolescence, which we start to notice only at the later stage. It is determined by the thickness of your hair and the speed of hair fall.

At first hair raises at the forehead then it continues at the sides. The next step is that lessening of hair at the center of the head. When the no hair region of Forehead and sides meets with the center of the head, baldness happens. At last, only few hair strands are being noticed at the sides and at the back of the head.

Few gets this problem at the age of 25 – 35 itself. Baldness is caused by so many reasons. Particularly, anxiety, prolonged disease and malnutrition are some of the general reasons. Because of these reasons, hair falling happens within 10 weeks. Experts say that Hi – tech corporate people work late night which is a reason for baldness.
But the above mentioned baldness is not the same as that of lessening of hair at the sides and forehead. The baldness due to health issues can be treated by giving nutritious foods.

There are many remedies to treat hair falling for youngsters, nowadays. It is good to keep and update a record of your hair and hair root datas from your skin specialist regularly.

Hair transplantation is an expensive method to treat hair fall (Badness). It requires 1 to 1.5 lakhs. Besides this method, there is another method which costs Rs. 7000 to Rs. 15000. It is called “Hair weave”. In this method, on knowing the nature of the hair, synthetic hair is woven at the vacant places. It looks like real hair.
However, nutritious healthy food, cheerful life, good sleep, regular hair check up from your skin specialist helps in preventing you from baldness.


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