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Medicinal uses of fig

image_10557496_0Fig helps in digesting the food rapidly.  Fig gives briskness and helps in removing the toxins from the body.  Fig removes the blocks in liver and lungs.  Fig reduces the bad smell of the mouth.

  • Eating two figs per day increases the production of blood and helps in gaining weight.
  • Constipation can be avoided by taking two seeds of fig after meals.
  • To reduce prolonged constipation take 5 figs regularly before going to bed.
  • Taking drugs and because of certain diseases cause liver enlargement.  For curing this liver ailment, soak figs in vinegar for a week. Then take two fruits a day, which cures liver problems.
  • Taking two figs daily gives us attractive body. It is a complete nutritious fruit.  Figs contain protein, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
  • A research has shown that fig contains 4 times more nutrition than other fruits.  Apart from these, fig has got vitamin A and C.
  •   Dried and preserved figs can be obtained from Unani and other Ayurvedic medicinal stores.  This fig helps in curing leukoderma.
  • Wild figs help in curing white spots on skin, leukoderma and changes in skin complexion.

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