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Foods that control diabetes

DiabetesDiabetes can be easily controlled by the right way of food intake instead of taking medicine.

Generally the bitter tasting bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds, aloe vera, blueberry seeds and tomato helps in controlling the blood sugar level.


To control the blood sugar level, diabetes patients must take the tomato puree with salt and pepper daily in the empty stomach.

Bitter gourd:

There are three types of bitter gourd which contains more fibre content. All these three types of bitter gourd help in controlling the blood sugar level. Bitter gourd can be cooked with tomato, so that its bitterness can be reduced.

Bitter gourd can be sliced, salted, dried and fried.


Fenugreek can be easily obtained. 1 spoon of washed and dried and powdered fenugreek is mixed with buttermilk or water. It can be soaked in water and can be taken in empty stomach which is very good for health.  Fenugreek can also be sprouted, dried and powdered.


Papaya, orange, pear and guava can be taken. But mango, banana and grapes should be avoided.

Blueberry fruit and seeds:

Both the fruit as well as the seed acts as a good medicine for diabetes. The seeds can also be taken along with the fruit. The seeds can be dried and powdered can be mixed with buttermilk and consumed.

Non – veg food:

Fish and chicken can be taken. But mutton and beef must be avoided. The individuals having more cholesterol must avoid egg yolk, mutton, and beef.

Neem leaves:

Take a fistful of neem leaves wash and grind it into a paste and boil in 400 ml of water till it shrinks to 100 ml. or take dried neem flower powder mix it with buttermilk and drink. It helps in decreasing the blood sugar level in a massive extent and also kills the worms in the stomach.

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