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The benefits of avoiding white rice

white-riceWe eat biryani whenever we go for non – veg hotels.  But we forget the fact that the biryani is made out of the carbohydrate rich biryani rice.  Those who desire to reduce weight should avoid rice.  Though rice helps to maintain a fit body, the carbohydrate rich content of rice risks us to gain excess weight.  Most of us knew that avoiding white rice is good rather taking it.

Eating rice has got equally advantageous as well as disadvantageous.  Let us discuss the advantages of avoiding or reducing white rice.

To maintain normal blood sugar level

Avoiding white rice helps us maintain the normal blood sugar level. Consuming more amount of rice increases the blood sugar level causing many health problems.


Consuming more amount of rice everyday increases the risk of constipation because,  the fibre content is very low in rice which causes irregular digestive activity.


Consumption of white rice increases the chances of two types of diabetes. Hence if you like to eat rice, take hand pounded rice (Brown rice) instead of white rice.

Nutritional value

On comparing white rice with hand pounded rice the nutritional value is very low in white rice. Hence, consumption of white rice never helps in nourishing the body.


Of those who desire to lose weight should avoid white rice for one month. Because, white rice contains more amount of carbohydrate which increases the body weight.

More starch

According to experts, it is not good to have more amount of starch in the body, because it increases the blood sugar level.


Most of the human beings are allergic towards white rice. Hence avoiding white rice and instead taking hand pounded rice is good for health.

Big – belly problem

Avoiding rice helps in decreasing the size of the tummy. Because, starch and carbohydrate increases the appetite.


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